Choosing a watch for formal events: 4 simple dos and don’ts

Choosing the right outfit to wear on formal events is never easy. You need to consider what kind of event it is, the time of day in which it will occur, as well as in which season of the year. Next, you must consider what kind of impression you want to leave on your hosts and other guests, and what type of image you are trying to project. Depending on the outfit you choose, you may be perceived as conservative, fashion-forward, confident, unnoticeable, and so on. It all depends on what you choose to wear.

After you choose the right outfit, it’s time to consider the accessories. There are plenty of different types of accessories you can choose from, especially if you’re a woman, but watches are always among the safest choices.

However, bear in mind that, due to the nature of these events, not all watches can be worn on formal occasions, and it all depends on the type of outfit you choose. This may all seem very complex, but next, we present you with 4 guidelines you can follow to make the task easier.

The don’ts:

· Digital and chronographs

Much like with business outfits, it’s never a good idea to wear a digital watch or a chronograph to a formal event. So, the first rule is to always choose a simple analogue watch. If you don’t have one and can’t acquire a new watch, it’s preferable to not wear a watch at all.

Diesel watches, for example, are extremely beautiful and high-quality, but not usually suited for formal occasions.

· Plastic or fabric cases and straps

The watches worn on formal occasions should be simple, with a leather bracelet or a metal bracelet.

Avoid wearing watches made of plastic, with fabric, plastic or NATO straps. If you only have these types of watches, consider acquiring a more appropriate one.

The dos:

· Black, silver or gold

Whether you’re a man or a woman, black and silver are always the safest choices. Choose a simple watch with a black or silver case and a leather or metal bracelet, and you’ll probably fit into any environment.

If you’re a man, models like the timeless Emporio Armani AR0373 are a great addition to any suit.

If you’re a woman, models like the Marc Jacobs Amy Dinky MBM3225 are almost always appropriate. Also, and depending on your outfit, you can choose an elegant watch with light golden tones, such as the beautiful Michael Kors Parker MK6414 model.

· Small faces

In these cases, it’s always best to choose watches with small faces, especially if you’re a woman. Marc Jacobs has great watches following this line, such as the Marc Jacobs Dinky Henry MBM3198 and the Michael Kors Mini Darci MK3294 models.

If you’re a man, you can pair your suit with the timeless small-faced Emporio Armani AR0156 model, or with a slightly larger-faced watch, such as the Emporio Armani AR11068 model.

Watches are meant to complement the outfit with a nice touch, not stand out and take over the whole look. Especially on formal occasions, the goal is to look elegant while classy, fashionable, and confident. Your choice of watch is very important, so you should dedicate some time to consider your best options.





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