Choosing women’s watches for the summer

Personal style is very important, especially when you are a woman, and it must adapt to the seasons and trends at all moments.

In the summer, when temperatures are high and shorter clothes are worn, the watches we choose to wear shouldn’t be the same as the ones we wear in the winter, for example. The summertime usually calls for a more relaxed, fresh style, and some watches are better suited for it than others. However, making the choice is not easy if you don’t know what to look for.

Next, let’s look at some basic rules for choosing the most appropriate watches to wear in the summer.

Say no to thick wrist bands

During the summer, wearing watches with leather or metal bands might be quite difficult, since these materials can heat up and make you uncomfortable. Plus, especially in the case of leather, it’s not easy to clean the band to remove the sweat that might build up under it.

In order to avoid hassles, you can simply choose not to wear these types of materials in the summer. As an alternative, you can look for watches with NATO or fabric bands.

However, if you prefer not to wear fabric bands, or need to attend an event that requires a more refined design, make sure the watch you choose has a breathable and light design,.


Summertime is the time to wear beautiful and vibrant colours, either in your clothes or accessories. Particularly on the subject of watches, now is the time to let go of dull silver watches and choose more energetic models, such as the Emporio Armani AR1773, the Michael Kors Darci MK3192 or the Michael Kors Runway Chronograph MK6164.

Oversize it up

Usually, choosing an oversized watch might not be such a great idea, especially if you have thin wrists. Especially in the winter, an oversized watch doesn’t go well with tight sleeves and it might stand out way too much than what was first intended.

In the summer, however, that’s a whole different story. Sleeves are practically non-existent, and the relaxed environment invites us to notice and be noticed. So, if you like big watches but are not usually allowed to wear them, this is your chance. If you have thin wrists, choose models such as the Michael Kors Wren Chronograph MK6095, the Emporio Armani AR1681 or the Michael Kors Ceramic Runway MK5190.

Fair warning, though, bigger watches will probably heat up your wrist quite a bit.

These are the main rules you need to have in mind. Also, there a few other things you should remember as well:

  • If you’re planning to go anywhere near a pool or the beach, choose a waterproof or water-resistant watch. Wearing the wrong watch near a water site may damage your timepiece forever.
  • Even if it’s summer, there are some rules that don’t change. If you’re planning to attend formal or business environments, make sure you follow the appropriate guidelines and choose appropriate timepieces.

Now go wear your best watch and enjoy the summer!

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