Daniel Wellington Range

Daniel Wellington was created in 2011 by its founder, Filip Tysander. In only a few short years, and mostly due to its very effective and well-placed social media-based marketing strategies, Daniel Wellington has become one of the most emergent and well-known Swedish watch companies in the world. Its presence on online social-media, particularly Instagram, has become so strong that a whole worldwide movement has emerged around Daniel Wellington watches. Customers of all ages, genders, social status, and nationalities, are now adhering to this phenomenon, since the watches are simple, affordable, and easily adjusted to each situation and personal style. Nowadays, Daniel Wellington is one of the most successful watch companies in the world, owning hundreds of stores around the world and possessing a very strong and active online presence.

According to the company’s own account, the inspiration behind this brand first appeared when Filip Tysander encountered a British man named Daniel Wellington while travelling around the world. Wellington, according to Tysander, had an impeccably classical and timeless personal style, which he paired with an unusual combination: he preferred to wear vintage watches with NATO (nylon) straps as bracelets. Upon seeing this unlikely, but surprisingly good combination, Tysander had the idea to create his own brand of NATO strap watches, using Wellington’s personal style as an inspiration. So, when he finally returned to Sweden, he started the company and designed several lines of both men’s and women’s watches.

In fact, the combination of a simple, clean, timeless, elegant, classic watch design, and original and creative straps is the most defining trait of Daniel Wellington’s watch lines. These models are known for being inexpensive, stylish, minimalist pieces with a classical yet modern look, which easily fit into any type of personal style and occasion. Moreover, besides being adaptable and fashionable timepieces, Daniel Wellington mens watches are also rain resistant (that is, water resistant but not water proof).

With each watch, Daniel Wellington provides a small set of interchangeable straps to be used as watch bracelets. These straps are easy to change, the size is adjustable according to each wrist, and they come in many different types of materials and colours. Given that each watch is a minimalistic, fine and simple timepiece, ultimately, it’s the strap choice that will define the overall style of the watch.

For example, you can choose a casual, playful, leather or NATO strap for your timepiece, to wear in a more laid-back, relaxed, girly, or sporty environment (like the beautiful light pink DW00100036 model with a black leather strap). However, the most interesting part is that the watches can also be paired with a fashionable evening dress for celebratory events (like the golden DW00100161 model with a mesh strap), or a sober yet elegant suit for business meetings and professional events (like the DW00100139 model with the leather strap); it all depends on the chosen type of strap. You can easily acquire new straps online to pair with your watch model and easily adapt your style in each occasion.

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