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In 1978, the Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur Renzo Rosso decided to buy the majority of the holdings of the company where he worked at the time, named Moltex, and changed its name to Diesel. Later, in 1985, Rosso bought the rest of the company holdings, thus becoming the sole proprietor of Diesel, S.p.A.

First established as a fashion retail company with a specific focus on clothing (more specifically denim jeans), Diesel began to grow and expand its business. By 1992, Rosso’s company had already expanded further from Italy and extended its business to American and Asian countries like the United States, Mexico, and Japan, and in 1995 it was responsible for creating one of the first and most successful websites seen until then. The website soon became an online store, and Diesel’s business began to expand even further. By 1996, Diesel had already reached other European countries like Finland, Germany, Sweden, France, and Spain.

Always focusing on its urban style-oriented, casual, and irreverent philosophy, over the past 20 years Diesel also began to manufacture and distribute fashion products other than jeans, including fragrances, shoes, accessories, sun glasses, and watches. Widely known for its eclectic collections and lines, this brand claims to be dedicated to all those who prefer more original, authentic, out-the-box, iconic, young, and fresh looks, not conforming to the “normal” social norms and rules.

Nowadays, Diesel has available products in over 80 countries worldwide, providing the public with both online shops and over 260 physical stores spread all over the world.

Produced in partnership with the worldwide famous watch manufacturer Fossil, Diesel’s watches are unmistakably recognisable anywhere in the world. Following the company’s “bad boy” characteristic philosophy, these watches are mostly irreverent and “urban rebel” timepieces, although the brand also provides a few more casual and classic models, without ever losing the edgy and unique designs. The materials used are of the highest quality, which gives these products high durability and resistance. Also, the original design provides each user with confidence in their personal style and a clear fashion statement.

For a truly edgy, casual, and rebel look that will provide any outfit with a truly original touch, consider the Mr Daddy 2.0 DZ7370 model with a red silicone strap and luminescent dial elements, or perhaps the Mr Daddy 2.0 DZ7371 model with a black leather strap, gold dial, and luminescent details.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an original and versatile model which can also be used in sober or business outfits, consider the Mr Daddy 2.0 DZ7332 water resistant model with a brown leather strap, the Mr Daddy 2.0 DZ7348 all-black, leather strapped model with luminescent dial elements, or perhaps the Mr Daddy 2.0 DZ7314 model, with a brown leather strap and a beautiful, deep, blue dial.

Besides providing its users with a unique sense of individuality and boosting self-confidence, Diesel watches are extremely functional, comfortable, original, and durable. These watches will stand out from the crowd and attract attention in any occasion.

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