How To Correctly Wear A Watch – 3 Golden Rules

Nowadays, everyone has a watch. Whether it’s used as a timepiece or as a fashion accessory, knowing how to wear a watch properly can have a great impact on your style.

Even if you’re a man who uses a watch only to tell the time and you’re not especially concerned about style, there are some basic rules that you need to have in mind.

Here are the 3 golden rules:

Use the watch on your non-dominant wrist

You probably already heard plenty of experts saying a watch should be worn on the left wrist. Well, that is true, for the most part, but probably not for the reasons you think.

Generally, the watch should be worn on the non-dominant wrist. That is, if you’re right-handed, use the watch on the left wrist and vice-versa. The reason why it is so common to hear that a watch should be worn on the left wrist is simply because most of the population is right-handed. However, if you’re left-handed, you should use the watch on your right wrist.

If you wear your watch on the non-dominant wrist, you can use your dominant hand to put on the watch, making the task easier and simpler. Also, the dominant hand is usually the more active one; keeping the watch on the opposite wrist may help protect it from accidents, make you feel more comfortable when working on something without your watch getting in the way, and make it easier for you to see the time even while working on other tasks.

Adjust the strap carefully

This rule is usually overlooked, but it’s one of the most important.

When choosing a watch, make sure the strap matches your wrist size perfectly. If the strap is too loose, it’ll get in the way whenever you move, since it can easily “travel” up and down your wrist. Also, the dial can even revolve around your wrist, placing itself in a way where you won’t be able to easily see it.

If the strap is too tight, there is a dangerous and serious risk of damaging and preventing the blood from circulating normally from and to your hand. It can become extremely uncomfortable, and even cause serious health issues.

Choose a case size appropriate to your wrist size

The size of your watch’s case is extremely important. Whether you have a thin or larger wrist, the secret is to make sure your watch’s lug-to-lug width is smaller than your wrist size.

The lug-to-lug width is the space between both the watch’s lugs (the places on the case where the strap is inserted). As a rule, your lug-to-lug space should be smaller than the size of your wrist.

For example, if you have larger wrists you can choose a watch with a larger lug-to-lug width, like the Diesel Mr Daddy 2.0 DZ7395 or the Hugo Boss Aeroliner 1513183 models. If you have smaller wrists, on the other hand, you can choose timeless models such as the Emporio Armani AR0156, or the Skagen Grenen T233XLTMN.

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