Hugo Boss MyWatches Range

Hugo Boss is one of the most famous luxury fashion companies in the world. Created in 1924 in Metzingen, Germany, by its founder Hugo Ferdinand Boss, this brand started as a small business-oriented clothing company that made mostly uniforms and work clothes. Around 1953, it started to launch its first men’s suits and sportswear pieces, although its notability worldwide was still somewhat low.

In 1992, when the Italian Marzotto group acquired control of the Hugo Boss group, a whole new management and marketing strategy for the brand were very effectively applied. From this point on, the Hugo Boss brand expanded its business reach and gradually started to provide a greater diversity of luxury fashion products including women’s, evening, and fine wear, accessories, cosmetics, fragrances, and watches. Nowadays, this group is present in over 20 different countries, housing over 1000 physical stores all over the world. Its items are widely known and associated, not only with fine men’s and women’s wear, but also with elegance, style, and luxury.

Although they have several different collections for each product, these are usually grouped into 2 main sub-brands, called HUGO and BOSS, each having their very own unique identity. BOSS is the core line, the main and original line of products, and is focused on delivering modern, sophisticated, business or slightly casual pieces, usually with a more elegant and formal touch. HUGO, on the other hand, is a line dedicated to delivering trendy, fashion-forward, bold, and casual products.

The Hugo Boss watches, particularly, are timeless and elegant pieces that complement any outfit. The brand offers a wide range of watches and, much like it does with every one of its products, these are also divided into the two main sub-brands, HUGO and BOSS.

HUGO mens watches are bold, usually more casual and fashion-forward timepieces. They exist in different colours, usually black, blue, brown, grey, white or silver. The straps are available in 3 different types of materials (leather, silicone, and stainless steel) and they confer to each model a cool and trendy look. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality, fashionable watch, that also has a more relaxed touch, HUGO watches are perfect for you.

BOSS watches, on the other hand, are designed to confer style and elegance to each outfit, and usually have more classic, modern, and sober designs. The straps are available in leather, stainless steel, or fabric, and the models are usually available in the colours blue, black, grey, silver, and white. If you’re looking for an elegant and discrete timepiece, BOSS watches might be a good choice.

For a more formal and elegant look, you consider models like the black sober Boss Aeroliner Chronograph with a leather strap, or perhaps the stainless steel blue model. For an elegant but more casual approach, the grey stainless steel Boss Supernova Chronograph with a beautiful red touch or the waterproof Boss Modern Chronograph model are both very good choices.

For every personal style or occasion, Hugo Boss has timepieces that will meet your needs.


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