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Michael Kors is an American luxury retail brand created in 1981 by the designer Michael Kors and is owned by the company Capri Holdings Limited (formerly known as Michael Kors Holdings Limited), also initially started by the world-renowned American designer. This company also owns other worldly famous fashion luxury brands, such as Versace and Jimmy Choo.

When he was studying in the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Michael Kors’ talent for fashion design did not go unnoticed. While still in school, Kors received several proposals to sell his designs in many prestigious stores, and thus left school to start is very successful career. Even at a very young age, he demonstrated flawless taste and a forward, innovate take on what it means to be glamorous and fashionable. As a result, his designs were very soon available in stores like the French boutique Lothar’s. Since then, he has won several awards, and has been highly regarded for his philanthropy and defence of humanitarian causes.

As a company rule, all the products and distribution process follow a sustainable line, and the company is also known for its open anti-discrimination, philanthropic, and inclusive policy, making it one of the most beloved and respected luxury enterprises in the fashion world.

Nowadays, Michael Kors’ fashion luxury products are available worldwide, in more than 55 countries and over 1000 stores.

As for Michael Kors’ watches, whether you need to complement a business-oriented and classic style, or a casual and playful outfit, there are several different models from which you can choose to boost your image and self-confidence.

For complementing casual and feminine outfits, you can opt for classic and romantic models like the rose gold Blair Chronograph MK5263 with a stainless steel bracelet and timeless design. As for models that will fit any business suit or evening gown with glamour, elegance and beauty, there are many models to choose from, like the silver Darci MK3190 stainless steel model incrusted with Swarovski crystals, or maybe the sexy elegant red stainless steel Parker MK6427 model. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a modern but discreet model that will complement absolutely any outfit and allow it to stand out, perhaps consider the Slim Runway MK3221 stainless steel black model. For a more playful, strong and fashion-forward kind of style, the black and sober stainless steel Runway Chronograph MK5191 model is a very good choice.

As a former long-standing judge of Project Runaway and an award-winning designer, Michael Kors knows how to create products that will make any women feel powerful, elegant and fashionable, regardless of her personal style or taste. The brand is known for having the best creative and fashion-oriented designers at his service. Michael Kors’ watches are designed as luxurious and fashionable timepieces that will beautifully complement any outfit and every personal style.





2 thoughts on “Michael Kors Watches Range

  1. STUART J MELLOR says:

    I want to purchase a Ladies MK Parker Chronograph Glitz Gold Pave womens watch MK5354.
    Could you confirm that these are 100% genuine and would the 2 year guarantee be with you or MK?
    Thank you

    1. Paul says:

      Hi Stuart,

      Thank you for getting in contact with MyWatches.
      I can confirm all of our watches are 100% genuine and do come with a 2 year standard warranty on the mechanics of the watch.


      Paul Reed
      MyWatches Ltd

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