Emporio Armani Range

In 1975, Giorgio Armani founded his company along with his business partner Sergio Galeotti, after a series of events that led him to switch from a career in medicine to a career as a fashion designer. Beginning as a small design studio in Milan, the company continued to grow exponentially in several different directions. At that time, the goal was to bring ready-to-wear high-quality fashion goods to an audience that could no longer afford haute couture products, and so Armani established innovative partnerships that allowed him to supervise and produce these luxury goods in a regular manufacturing environment. The company’s international popularity and recognition grew with the public support of celebrities and influencers all around the world, like David Beckham, Megan Fox or Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Armani Group is currently considered by Reuters as the second biggest luxury fashion company in Italy, surpassed only by the much older Prada group. Known for its well-directed and innovative marketing strategies and campaigns, this empire currently manages hundreds of stores, and it contains around 15 different brands within the organization. Each brand is designed for a specific target audience and comprises different types of products, ranging from fashion, perfumes, and cosmetics, to chocolate and furniture. Born in Italy almost 45 years ago, the Armani Group now owns stores all over the world and in almost every continent, on more than 50 countries.

Emporio Armani, the second largest brand within the Armani Group, was founded around 1980, and its first store was opened in Milan in 1981. It’s one of the most well-known brands within Armani, preceded only by the main brand, Giorgio Armani. Both these brands are known for being the only ones within the company the 82-year old fashion magnate, Giorgio Armani, designs himself. This brand comprises trendy and modern fashion clothing lines, as well as some accessories.

Particularly in the case of luxury fashion accessories, Emporio Armani mens watches are some of the most coveted watch lines by high-end clients worldwide. These items are procured due to their elegant, classic, robust, and timeless designs, but also for their innovative and modern looks. There are several different lines available for every budget and personal taste, ranging from classic leather strap and swiss made watches, to hybrid and smartwatches. According to your personal taste and style, you can choose sporty yet elegant models, like AR2473, more classical analogue models like AR5988 with a modern steel bracelet, or maybe AR2462 with a fine leather bracelet, among many others.

Due to its wide variety of high-quality fashion watches, as well as worldwide product availability, Emporio Armani is procured by high-end customers all over the world. Clients choose to purchase and wear Emporio Armani watches, not only for its quality and usefulness, but also because they make fine, timeless additions to any outfit, regardless of the style and look. The brand features unique luxury watches at affordable prices, produced using quality and environmentally-friendly materials, respecting the available resources and the local communities where the products are manufactured.

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