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Here at MyWatches we have a large selection of watches for women, we are sure to have something in the style you’re looking for. Stocking brands such as Cluse, Daniel Wellington, Emporio Armani, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Olivia Burton and Skagen.

A classic analogue watch for women will always be in style and will go with any outfit. It is perfect with casual jeans or sits just as easily with an evening gown. The faces can be small and dainty or larger and make more of a statement. Choose from timeless stainless steel cases, metal bands, leather fancy bands with added details.

Some watches are worn to be noticed, this style of watch will have a larger face and a more glamorous looking band. It will have some sort of ‘bling’ and sparkle under lights. With added diamonds, gemstones or pearls, these watches are not worn to play sport or wander around the countryside. These are designed to be worn with an evening gown or smart and sophisticated outfit.


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Daniel Wellington Unisex Watch DW00100126

£159.00 £129.00

Daniel Wellington Unisex Watch DW00100127

£159.00 £129.00

Daniel Wellington Unisex Watch DW00100139

£139.00 £109.00
-22%Sold out

Daniel Wellington Womens Watch DW00100163

£139.00 £109.00

Emporio Armani Womens Watch AR1426

£459.00 £115.90

Emporio Armani Womens Watch AR1455

£479.00 £148.90

Emporio Armani Womens Watch AR1769

£199.00 £102.90

Emporio Armani Womens Watch AR1779

£289.00 £104.90
-68%Sold out

Emporio Armani Womens Watch AR1908

£319.00 £102.90

Emporio Armani Womens Watch AR1956

£299.00 £107.90
-61%Sold out

Michael Kors Blair Chronograph Womens Watch MK5166

£269.00 £105.90

Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph Womens Watch MK6174

£249.00 £115.90
-61%Sold out

Michael Kors Camille Glitz Womens Watch MK5720

£359.00 £140.90
-61%Sold out

Michael Kors Camille Glitz Womens Watch MK5862

£299.00 £115.90
-41%Sold out

Michael Kors Camille Glitz Womens Watch MK5869

£219.00 £128.90
-66%Sold out

Michael Kors Ceramic Runway Womens Watch MK5188

£329.00 £110.90
-62%Sold out

Michael Kors Everest Chronograph Womens Watch MK5879

£279.00 £104.90

Michael Kors Parker Womens Watch MK6427

£249.00 £115.90

Michael Kors Ritz Chronograph Womens Watch MK6307

£249.00 £115.90
-60%Sold out

Michael Kors Wren Chronograph Womens Watch MK6095

£299.00 £118.90

Michael Kors Wren Chronograph Womens Watch MK6096

£299.00 £110.90