Skagen Watch Range

Skagen is an American company founded in 1989, in the city of New York, by Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, two Copenhagen entrepreneurs who decided to move to America in pursuit of their professional dreams.

Both the design and the brand line are inspired in the Danish culture, where the founders were originally from before they moved to America to start their business. The company itself is named after the picturesque Danish fishing village Skagen, known by having Denmark’s most important fishing port and numerous historical landmarks.

In 2012, the company was acquired by the Fossil Group. Fossil is a widely known American fashion designer, manufacturer, and distributer company which, besides making their own products under brands such as Skagen, also provides accessories for other brands such as Armani, Diesel, and Michael Kors, among others.

Currently, Skagen owns hundreds of stores in more than 30 different countries worldwide, selling wearables, bags, accessories, and watches, both for men and women.

Their watches are well-known and widely procured for their fine Scandinavian design, which transmits elegance, lightness, and minimalism, while simultaneously providing a modern and sophisticated touch to any outfit or personal style.

Based on their flawless and elegant design, allied to an excellent quality and top performance, these designer timepieces already won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award more than once, receiving appraisal from an impartial jury comprised of 30 world-class watch and design experts.

Each Skagen watch is more comfortable, thinner, and much lighter than most of the fashion designer watches available in the market. Equipped with highly functional quartz movements, Skagen’s watches are timepieces with the most varied designs, but always made with the most high-quality materials.

For a feminine classic look which can be used in any outfit or situation, you can opt for the Freja Womens grey model, gold plated with a stainless steel bracelet. Its fine and romantic design will suit any business or evening outfit, while it can also be used in more casual and relaxed looks.

As for men’s models, you can complement any casual, irreverent, and out-of-the-box outfit with the original and very comfortable Hagen SKW6213 model, plated in rose gold with a leather strap. For a more sober and business-oriented look, you can choose between the grey water resistant Holst SKW6180, the grey Havene SKW6416 with a stainless steel bracelet and titanium dial, or the blue faced, black plated steel Grenen T233XLTMN models. All of them offer a contemporary look, suitable for business and casual situations alike.

According to many expert designers and watchmakers around the world, Skagen provides some of the best fashion timepieces in the worldwide market, both in terms of design and high-quality materials. These Danish-inspired watches are currently among the most affordable brand lines of fashion designer watches, while at the same time being recognized as high-quality timepieces. These pieces will flawlessly complement any outfit and perfectly fit any situation or context, while providing the users with comfortable, reliable, high-quality, and elegant timepieces that will last for almost a lifetime.

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