The Best Watches For Successful Women

Whether we like it or not, image is a powerful thing.

Being a successful woman in a corporate environment isn’t always easy, and there are usually concerns regarding what accessories are appropriate. On a general rule, it’s important to show confidence.

Watches are probably one of the few types of accessories that are allowed in most corporate environments, without raising eyebrows or call for unwanted attention. However, not all watches are appropriate for wearing to work, especially in more formal business companies.

Here are 5 tips on how to choose the best watches for your daily business outfits, as well as our very absolute favourites.

1. Analogues – Avoid digital

Analogue watches are more versatile than any other type of watch. They are perfect for any outfit, business or otherwise, so it’s important to have a few high-quality analogue watches in your personal collection.

2. Chose metal bracelets or leather straps

Nothing says “class” like a nice, delicate metal bracelet or leather strap. Particularly if the colours chosen are light and sober, any watch with these kinds of straps can easily complete a business outfit.

Alternatively, you can also choose watches with interchangeable high-quality straps, which will provide you with a lot of options in a single timepiece.

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3. Carefully choose your colours

This is one is important. If you want to discretely stand out for your elegance and class, choose sober and elegant colours like white, black, silver, gold, dark blue, or even light rose tones. These types of colours are almost always work-appropriate, so you won’t have any issues.

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On the other hand, you may also want to spread confidence and elegance. In that case, choose more noticeable colours or double-coloured watches. These look great on very sober outfits if you wish to make a fashion statement.

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4. Pay extra attention when choosing watches with large faces

If you’re looking for a more conservative and elegant look, it’s easier to choose classy, relatively small, elegant watches, rather than watches with larger faces. These types of watches are timeless and will discreetly fit any outfit. They’ll allow you, for example, to wear interesting purses or shoes, without making it “too much”.

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However, if you like watches with larger faces, nowadays there are very elegant timepieces you can choose and which will perfectly fit your outfits.

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5. Choose small but powerful details

If you’re not a fan of ‘aggressive’ fashion statements, but still want to make your outfit stand out, you can choose watches with distinctive yet classy features, like small incrusted diamonds and light-coloured faces, or even opt for classic chronograph watches.

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