What your watch says about your personality

We all know that the type of watch someone wears, or the fact that someone wears or doesn’t wear one, can tell us a lot about someone’s personal style.

An original and out-of-the-box Diesel watch, for example, doesn’t communicate the same feeling as a slim and sober Hugo Boss, in the same way that a timeless and simple Daniel Wellington says a different thing than a luxurious Michael Kors model.

We are aware of this when using a watch since there are different models appropriate to wear on each occasion. For example, there are watches to be worn in business environments, while others are more appropriate for black tie formal events.

So, it’s not hard to believe that a watch can shape and reflect our personal style in each moment, and therefore influence how other people see us. But does it reflect who we are on your core? Can wearing a watch change the way we behave and see ourselves?

A team of researchers from the Universities of Lancaster and York worked on this question, and the answer appears to be ‘yes’.

According to their study published in 2015, wearing a watch may say a lot about someone’s personality, core traits, and behaviour.

The researchers performed different studies on 112 people aged between 17-55 in the UK. The participants responded to questions about whether they regularly use wrist watches or not and were psychologically evaluated by experts.

The results are able to tell us how the use of watches is related to types of personality, behaviours, and psychological traits. Here are some of the findings:

  • Overall, most of the interviewed people choose to wear watches even though they have other ways of telling the time (like, for example, smartphones).
  • People who consistently wear wrist watches (that is, that have worn one daily for at least a year) see themselves as more driven and hard-working
  • People who wear watches have a higher probability of being significantly more punctual than non-watch wearers.

In sum, the researchers found that wearing a watch can change the way we think about ourselves, how confident we are in various aspects of our lives, and even behaviours like arriving at work on time.

In fact, there is definite proof that wearing a watch isn’t about having a piece that tells the time. Watches are a way of giving us confidence in ourselves and can highly influence our behaviour, even if we don’t realize it.

And this isn’t something that only some people have. The study consistently found those same results among all watch-wearers, when compared to all non-watch wearers. It seems that wearing a watch can indeed have significant life-changing results. So, if you have any self-esteem, organization or instability issues, regularly wearing a wristwatch may help you stabilize psychologically. Also, it may increase your sense of self-confidence, assertiveness and work motivation.

Choose your favourite watch, wear it, and see how you feel!

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